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Up to the minute news, updates and contact information about issues of concern and/or discrimination related to the Modern Pagan movement.

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Full Moon Names and Dates

Witchcraft: Commonly-Asked
Questions, Straightforward

Should the "Ten Commandments"
be posted in public schools?


Mind Tools used Against Pagans!

Magick, Devination and Healing

The Wiccan Religion

Pagan crafts
How to make...

Was America really founded by Christians?
Here is the history they don't want taught
in schools!

ball11.gif (988 bytes)Faith of Our Founding Fathers!

ball11.gif (988 bytes)Research "The Burning Times"

ball11.gif (988 bytes)The Killings of Witches.

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Heroes and Heroines

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US Military Chaplains

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.The Origins of Christianity

Christian Persecutions Against the Hellenes

Witches in the media

Apostles of the Apocalypse:
Are we ready for the end?

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Havamal or Words of the High One

Pagan Manners


Other Pagan Paths (Denominations)

The Wicked Witch Is Dead

Talk with real Pagans

Other Pagan Paths (Denominations)

Asatru in Depth
The Druids

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Personifications of Compassion

Mother...She gave me birth and all the 'tools', gifts, graces I need. She fed me at her breast. She gives me her life's blood, flesh, sinew, hide and every single piece of herself to me as I need it.

Father...He who is willing to pay the price himself, for his children's potential to grow into adulthood physically, morally, and spiritually.

It is up to me to make the most of my divinity.

If you are doing that which fulfills you, down to the reptilian brain part of your soul, and no-one including yourself is being harmed, you are living a path that serves your God(s) and gives meaning to your life.

"An it harm none, do as thou wilt is the whole of the law."

Thank you Lucien D'Cœur


"There is no greater Power than Knowledge,
There is no greater Knowledge than Love,
& there is no greater Love than the Empowerment, of another."