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How to Build a Web Page
with a Border Background
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Here is a sample page showing some of the things you can do with Spot's Free Graphics to build your own web page.

Using backgrounds with borders is tricky. We have all seen sites where the writing is spread all over the border background they were trying to show off and it looks horrid. If you have tried using backgrounds with borders and about given up, the answer is simple. You need to use tables to put things where they ought to go!

You can use "view source" to see how this simple page is set up.

You are welcome to use the code. Just change the size of the tables to go with the graphics you have chosen.

You can use the graphics on this page to build your web site or any found at Spot's Free Graphics. Right click on the graphic you want and save it in a folder you have for images on your hard drive. Then, insert the graphic into your web page as required by whatever page editor you are using. If you are using a free site on the web, they probably have instructions telling you how to "upload" your graphics. Link your own destination page to the buttons in the table at the left.

Add your own content where this explanation is and remove everything else.

Then, you should have an acceptable first page. You can play around with it by replacing the graphics with any you like better from Spot's Free Graphics.

To start with it is probably best to keep your site navigation simple. We recommend that you use the same page style over and over on your site.  Just change the content in the middle so that the links are the same on every page. People get confused if you change your pages too much. Of course, you need to change the destination of the next button as you go. You might even want to put it at the bottom of each page.

We hope this has been helpful and has answered some of those questions about how to use backgrounds with borders.


Get Main Background Here

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Get Optional Background Here

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For a plain color background try color code #FFCC68 Or #FFCC98

Get Bar Here

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Get Buttons Here

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Get Other Possibilities Here

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