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Hello to all of you wonderful people out there on the Internet.

Thank you for coming by our site. We want to take this moment to say thank you to all the people who have supported us for these last six or seven years. We don't know exactly how long it has been because we aren't quite sure how and when all this got started. Back when P.Jay Sanford (our games guy) was just turning twelve. I bought a computer. For several weeks it sat in the box. It cost so much money and I was afraid to even open it. I was sure it would break if I even touched it! Finally, P.Jay took the bull by the horns and said, "I'm going to open it, Ma!" I knew it had to be done. So with fear in my heart and $3000, the cost, in my mind, I let my only male child do what I lacked the courage to do. In ten minutes, he had it up and running!

Thank you to Compuserve, a service now long gone, and the initiative of my dauntless minor child, we were on the Internet!

I saw my first web site. And, oh, the colors! I loved those beautiful graphics, laughed at those animations. I learned how to save them. And, I started my own collection of all those wonders that appealed to me. I did not know anything about copyrights or anything else at that time. I just knew what I liked.   And, I soon learned to make my own graphics and animations. But, what to do with them. I could not really use all these images for much, myself. Then, it came to me. Put them on a web site for others to enjoy! But, how? Well, P.Jay kept talking about HTML. What was that, I wondered. Well, we found a site that explained it all. Really a simple page, but leading to all kinds of information. Miketag Tutorial Now, we were off and running, ready to build our own web pages. If you won't be unkind, you can see one of my older efforts at web design  here. Hit cancel when you see the ad! Don't laugh too hard. I was so proud at the time. If that doesn't give you encouragement, what will??

Soon, P.Jay was making all kinds of web pages as well. He learned how to zip files and save them to the Internet. Since he had hundreds of royalty free shareware games, he decided to put them on the net for other boys and girls to enjoy. Oh, the hours that child worked! The site has changed a lot over the years, but his games remain. They are a gift of the heart from a twelve year old boy, now grown, to children everywhere.

I got my first web site on a free server called Tripod. They were a very friendly place to have a free site back then. I think they were being run by a bunch of college age kids who were full of enthusiasm and ideals. Now, they have been taken over by Lycos. I think they have lost that homey feeling but you might like them anyway. You can still post a free web site there..

One of the graphics I really liked was of a little doggie. I never had a dog, so I thought I would just adopt him. He had a little, hardly noticeable, spot on his back and I decided to call him "Spot". I named that original site "Spot's Gif Archive". I did not know then, that all graphics aren't gifs! I had to learn everything about gifs, jpgs, bmps and so forth. And, I thought "gif" sounded like "gift" which is what I wanted the graphics to be. Today, of course, "Spot's Graphics Archive" makes more sense.

P.Jay and I did not know if anyone ever saw our site full of free graphics and games or not. We just enjoyed doing it and imagining in our hearts that someone saw it. But, one day I found out that you could see your site statistics. That was a real revelation. Of course, I decided to take a look. Much to my amazement, I learned that 50,000 people had come to my site that month!! "My goodness", I thought. So, I decided to get my own domain and Sanfords.Net was born. Today, we have about 5000 viewers a day. And, in 6 or 7 years of operation, we have only had about 5 or 6 people ask us to remove any graphic. No game has ever been challenged. Of course, we have done so when requested. The fact is, it is our belief that most of the sites where our graphics and animations originated have gone with the wind. They have disappeared into cyber space. Our collection is all that remains of the talent and hard work that went into their creation. Therefore, we are very pleased with ourselves that we were able to save them.

Now, as I have continued to follow my heart, Sanfords.Net has grown into many areas reflecting my growth as a person. The graphics and games continue. Sanfords.Net has developed into a news and religious resource for Pagans and the Pagan curious. We have tried to give advise you young parents in the MOM area. We have had fun with those public figures we have found laughable or despicable. Yes, we picked on and laughed at Bill Clinton. But we have also picked on and laughed at George Bush. And, we have taken every opportunity to disparage Osama Ben Laden. We have tried to honor other sites we find meritorious with our Top Site of the Week. We do not know where this will lead tomorrow, but we thank you for your support and are glad you have found something to enjoy here.

Please, come back often. You are the reason we have done all this.

Blessed Be,