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Pagan Romantic and Personal Classified Ads


What could be more important to human happiness
than finding someone to share all that life has to offer?

Being a member of a minority religion is very limiting to our romantic prospects. Only another Pagan will really understand us and we are, many times, geographically separated from potential partners. Additionally, even though we may live right next door to each other, we often tend to be very low key about our faith. We might not even know there is an unattatched Pagan living next door. Therefore, we must use all available resources to help ourselves and other Pagan singles meet, greet and find potential life partners. If you are single and seeking a Pagan partner, please tell us a bit about yourself and how we can e-mail you.

Pagan Personal Ads

If you have a single Pagan friend, encourage them to come and post an ad. There is a "special someone" for every lonely Pagan in our community. Let's get them together! Pagan families of all kinds are our strength for the future.

Before meeting anyone on the net, please, read
MOM's Common sense rules for dating on the Internet