The Charge of the God

Listen to the words of the Horned God,

The Guardian of all things wild and free, and Keeper of
the Gates of Death, whose Call all must answer:

I am the fire within your heart... The yearning of your
Soul. I am the Hunter of Knowledge and the Seeker of
the Holy Quest; I who stand in the darkness of light; I
am He whom you have called Death. I am the Consort and
Mate of Her we adore, call forth to me.

Heed my call beloved ones, come unto me and learn the
secrets of death and peace. I am the corn at harvest and
the fruit on the trees. I am He who leads you home.
Scourge and Flame, Blade and Blood these are mine and
gifts to thee.

Call unto me in the forest wild and on hilltop bare and
seek me in the Darkness Bright. I who have been called;
Pan, Herne, Osiris , and Hades, speak to thee in thy
search. Come dance and sing; come live and smile, for
behold: this is my worship.

You are my children and I am thy Father. On swift night
wings it is I who lay you at the Mother's feet to be
reborn and to return again.

Thou who thinks to seek me, know that I am the untamed
wind, the fury of storm and passion in your Soul. Seek
me with pride and humility, but seek me best with love
and strength.

For this is my path, and I love not the weak and fearful.
Hear my call on long Winter nights and we shall stand
together guarding Her Earth as She sleeps.