Samhain, October 31

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Samhain (Sow-inn), also goes by the name Halloween by the Christian community. This is our time of endings and
beginnings, so many Pagans celebrate the New Year at Samhain.

This is a quieter time, a time when the veil between the physical and spiritual world is at its thinnest and spirits may pass between more readily. At Mabon, the God Lugh died in order for us to live through His abundance. During the intervening time, He has gathered the spirits of those that have died over the year and waits for the night so that they may pass through the gate to the other side.

This is the time to revere our ancestors and to say farewell to those that have passed this last year. The abundance of the fields now gives way to the power and strength of the Horned God of the Hunt.

This begins a time of darkness, when the land begins its slumber and from now until Yule, the days grow shorter and darker. Winter storms begin to sweep, down from the north. The time when the earth rests is begun at Samhain.

We celebrate the year passed and the year to come. We light bonfires and perform rituals to honor those that have gone before. A sacrifice of bread and wine is offered to the Gods as thanks for Their guidance throughout the passed year and in advance for the year to come.

ball12.gif (1012 bytes)HERBS:

Pumpkin, Apple, Nuts, Thistle, Chrysanthemum, Broom, Oak leaves, Sage

ball12.gif (1012 bytes)INCENSE:

Apple, Nutmeg, Sage, Mint

ball12.gif (1012 bytes)COLOR:

Black, Orange

ball12.gif (1012 bytes)DECORATIONS:

Jack-o-Lantern, Photos of deceased loved ones, Apples, Fall leaves, Autumn flowers, Squashes.

ball12.gif (1012 bytes)FOOD:

Apples, Nuts, Cider, Mulled wine, Pumpkin dishes, Cranberry
muffins, Herbal tea.