The Runes in the Havamal

Order of Charm: Intent: Primary Rune and Supporting Runes
The First Charm: Help in Sorrow or Distress Fehu, Inguz, Laguz
The Second Charm: Healing Uruz, Jera, Sowulo
The Third Charm: Fettering Foes Thurisaz, Isa, Nauthiz
The Fourth Charm: Releases Fetters Ansuz, Fehu, Inguz
The Fifth Charm: Ability to stop a Dart Raido, Isa, Kenaz
The Sixth Charm: Returning Curses to sender Hagalaz, Jera, Raido
The Seventh Charm: To put out a Fire ablaze in a Hall Isa, Laguz, Nauthiz
The Eighth Charm: Ability to bring about Reconciliations Gebo, Mannaz, Wunjo
The Ninth Charm: Control Sea Winds Gebo, Ansuz, Raido
The Tenth Charm: How to Confuse Spell Senders Dagaz, Ehwaz, Laguz
The Eleventh Charm: Protecting Friends in Battle Sowulo, Algiz, Ansuz
The Twelfth Charm: Necromancy Hagalaz, Teiwaz, Kenaz
The Thirteenth Charm: Protecting a Young Warrior with water Gebo or Inguz, and Laguz, Algiz
The Fourteenth Charm: Knowledge of all Gods and Elves Eihwaz, Ansuz, Mannaz
The Fifteenth Charm: Gives power to the Aesir, prowess to the
Elves and Foresight to Odin
Sowulo, Raido, Kenaz
The Sixteenth Charm: To attract a Lover Kenaz, Jera, Inguz
The Seventeenth Charm: To keep Romance in a Marriage Gebo, Inguz, Ehwaz
The Eighteenth Charm: Union of the Male and Female To be discovered by the Reader