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New Clinton Pictures

Now with totally tasteless jokes!


" When you wish upon a Starr"
by Ron Keas
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contributed by "Dan"

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Is it okay for a pedophile to lie if it's only about sex? Bill and Hillary are on a sinking boat. Who gets saved? The nation. So much for the "Close but no cigar defense.

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Because we got some complaints, we decided not to open these pictures with  THE NASTY ONES Well, it is about sex isn't it? If you want to see  THE NASTY ONES click here Otherwise, NEVER MIND!

Clinton does have a moral compass. It just points south. What are the two worst things about Bill Clinton? His faces. If it turns out that Bill and Monica shared a Cuban cigar, we can at least impeach him for breaking the embargo.

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They were this big!

It's time to stop prying into private lives, and anyone that continues to do so will have their FBI records released to the
Hillary Clinton hired a new intern for Bill. Lorena Bobbit Okay. Election's over. Let's get back to the business of the country . .
Impeachment hearings.

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You know what the problem is with political jokes is?
They get elected.
How does Clinton practice safe sex?
He doesn't light the cigar
Monica allegedly told Kenneth Starr that she merely wanted someone she could look up to.

What's the difference between Bill Clinton and David Koresh?
Some people still believe in David Koresh.

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Why is Clinton prone to losing his voice?
He keeps having to eat his words.

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