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Hillary Clinton may be the First Lady, but she certainly isn't the last.

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What's the first thing Bill Clinton does when he gets up in the morning? Goes back to
the Whitehouse.
Happiness is: Seeing Bill Clintons face on a milk carton

I'm convinced the whole Clinton fiasco was due to a misunderstanding. The intern was supposed to help with the President's "ELECTION."


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Did you hear Monica is changing parties? The Democrats left a bad taste in
her mouth.
I heard that Monica Lewinski's new job may be Director of the Head Start Program.
Even though Monica has testified, the're is no animosity between them. Bill was overheard saying that Monica has the nicest smile he has ever come across.


Ken Starr told Bill he wanted him to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Bill said "I can't do it, those are three different things! What's Clinton's favorite mountain range? --Himalaya! Richard Nixon said, "I am not a crook." Bill Clinton said, "How do you define 'am'?"

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Say what you want about Bill, but you have to admit he's a very upright man. What is Clinton's favorite Olympic sport?
Skating on thin ice
To which preacher did Bill go for advice? Oral Roberts

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How will Clinton build his bridge to the 21st century? Apparently while part of a federal prison work release program. What did Clinton say to Al Gore about the whole affair?
"Pardon Me"
Ingredients for new, improved Clinton stew:
One wiener, one tongue, one cooked goose, lots of spilled beans and hot water.

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